About Women’s Choice Awards Africa

The Women’s Choice Africa, an initiative produced by Global Ovations Ltd. At the Women’s Choice Awards Africa, we translate the collective voice of women into a highly objective and consistent methodology
The Women’s Choice Africa allows women to choose with confidence, knowing that other women across Africa would highly recommend it to their family and friends a country as a whole. Women choices could be their follow women personalities, men, brands

Our ObjectivesGoals


To be a symbol of excellence in customer experience awarded by the collective voice of women. supporting women’s decisions …Read More »

Creative solutions

To Be a catalyst for the Affirmative Action Legislation and creative solutions that help women avoid and overcome …Read More »


To Partner with the SDGs for women’s empowerment initiatives in GhanaRead More »


To Allocate the available funds for initiatives that empower girls and women with opportunities to further their education.Read More »


To Provide a network of up-to-date resources for personal and professional growth through educational …Read More »


To Celebrate and exemplify the achievements of women in Africa as educators, authors, community …Read More »

Why Sponsor WCAA?

We place your brand on the peak after being voted upon by women

Brand exposure

Get direct access to over 14 million customers in Ghana, brand exposure to over 120 million regional customers and international brand exposure to multiple millions